I am a father of four, husband to a woman I do not deserve, and the founder of On Call Central. In prior years, I worked in finance, and spent sufficient time, thought, and effort in a scientific laboratory to earn the right to append a few letters to the end of my name.

Current interests include:

  • The interactions between humans and technology, in particular, the psychology and neuroscience underpinning device addiction.
  • Personal productivity, life tips, and practical ways in which to improve one’s life.
  • Distilling knowledge and wisdom that is new to me into written form. Better understanding big ideas by more consistently exercising the mind.
  • Acknowledging the contributions of friends, family, ideas, and businesses that make our world a better place.
  • Market anomalies & contrarian investment ideas.
  • Writing occasional pieces that my children might read, learn from, and laugh at one day.

I may choose to edit some of these pieces after the fact, as I frequently write late at night when my mind might not be at its sharpest.

There are few, if any, truly new ideas. The thoughts and musings contained herein have been expressed more eloquently by any number of people. I don’t own these ideas; they’re just on loan while I’m still here.

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